Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Veer Reverse

Here's a short post detailing a little reverse option Coach Roark has been known to run from time to time. Actually, it's blocked the same as our version of the Spin or "Crazy" option with the exception of the wingback carrying out the duties of the quarterback.

I'll let the diagram speak for itself...

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If you are a team where the QB reverses-out a lot, I think this play will work as well. The QB just has to remember to get back off the line and out of the way of the pulling guard. (this can be tougher than it sounds if if you use the point-and -read C-N method that we use.) The combination blocks on the noseguard and psDT aren't for show - if you can get movement on those guys, there's a much greater chance of the play hitting quick and getting some yardage.

Looking back, we could have done a better job preparing the wingback... he's not really trying to get the CB to take him and thus giving us the pitch - and the sideline. The WB was a great young man and a hard-nosed football player. But it's easy to forget that the WB doesn't get the reps running the option that the QB gets. Verbalizing reinforces the coach - not the player!

Coach Smith

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