Saturday, December 22, 2007

Senior College Tape

I thought I would digitize a tape I made to send colleges for one of our Senior classes at MHS. Each copy was sent with a xeroxed sheet with each play numbered from first to last. In each play, the Senior being highlighted was noted (position on offense or defense, position with respect to the screen, name, and number.) I found this easier than trying to do an individual tape for each kid. I could take a highlighter and mark the plays if a school was interested in one or two kids. I thought you might like to see it as it has a lot of Splitback Veer on it as well as Coach Roark's "Send the House" defense.

Another thing to think about is getting them ready for financial aid assessment (can you say FASFA, boys and girls? ...I thoughtcha could...) You can do this entirely online IF someone in the kid's family has a working email address (better check this out... many schools block access to personal email such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. So if you're planning to have a big session in the library to make this happen, you better spend some time with your technology person making sure it all goes well.

You will also need to make sure they are entered in to the NCAA Clearinghouse. You can find more info about it here as well.

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Chiclet said...

That's a pretty sick little quarterback you've got there. He end up playing anywhere?

I like one of the plays you run about halfway through at the 20 min. point. Where the qb runs a quick inside pitch to his halfback for a gain of about 8 or 9 yards. I wish that you could see these types of plays on a more frequent basis because after the defense's linebacker looks off your running back as a blocker, it really opens him up to get a quick gain on the inside. I feel like this kind of thing should be instilled into a qb's head as his first option before running the football on a broken pass play.

If you have an open running back in the same situation as yourself, GIVE IT TO HIM! odds are that he's a better runner than you and especially instead of trying to force a bad pass.