Monday, October 13, 2008

We Came Up Short : 14- 21

Whew. Ever feel like a vein was going to pop out of your forehead? I had that feeling a lot Friday night.

Turnovers, a hot, humid evening, failure to score in the Red Zone, and a very athletic and well-coached defense combined to help defeat us Friday to the tune of 14 to 21. A 4-4 cover 3 and sometimes a 4-3 man cover 0 was the defense de jour Friday. It was obvious from the first series that they were determined NOT to let our fullback have another 198 yard night (he finished with just over 100.) Our QB picked up the slack with a 100 yard rushing night himself and also threw for just over 100. In fact we rushed for over 260 yards and our total was around 370. But we didn't look as sharp as the week before... either on the line or at the skill position. Having a few skill guys sit out most of the week due to injuries didn't help. Our play-action passing didn't look "ready for prime-time." Our halftime adjustment to running Belly Dive lead to 38 yards on two carries... but we fumbled the drive away and there it was. We had 5 fumbles and lost 2 - but all served to either stop or complicate drives. I will say that one happened on a slant where 3 DB's held up our split end for almost four seconds (yes, I timed it on film.) The ball came out at four. I guess forward progress wasn't a priority Friday. Oh, well...

One thing is for sure, we might not know how to handle a big win, but we have shown in the past that we do know how to get ready after a close, disappointing loss.

Coach Smith

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