Thursday, December 04, 2008

Future Article

After my first year coaching the option from the flexbone, I've gotten a pretty good idea what to concentrate on in the upcoming season as far as formations to initially put in, runs, passes, etc.


Flex, Unbalanced Flex, Double Nasty Slot, Tripps.


1. ISV vs shaded 4 front and 2 odd fronts (52 and 33 stack)
i) teach and tag the following perimeter blocking schemes:
Base, X, Seal, Crack.
ii) teach and tag the following interior blocking schemes:
Veer, Loop, Load (double option-pitch phase only)

2. Counter Option where psT goes to psLB and pulling G Logs the DT (odd front) or Wraps to LB (even front) We will pitch on EMLOS or duck up if pulling G has to trap the DT (odd front) instead of log

3. Rocket Toss

4. Play Action Pass from all formations - even tagged single or two man routes from unbalanced sets and Trips... boot from rocket as well.

**Supplemental Plays as time and personnel allow:

Midline double and triple options (either this or Trap/Freeze Option must be added by mid season.)

Belly + Belly (double) Option

Trap + Freeze (double) Option

3 step game with boot

Sprint out with max protection (QB keep replaces third read in progression.)

Lastly, if possible (big if) running ISV, trap, and zone option from Gun IF a team shows a significant weakness against it. Again... a big if.

I honestly feel that we could have beat 50% of our opponents this year with only ISV, Counter Opt, and PAP. Period. I think we quite possibly have won 50% of the games we lost if we had been better at 1) audibling into our out of one of those three plays, 2) being a little more solid in handling on-the-fly blocking changes on ISV.

Look for this in the upcoming weeks here and at the Flexbone association.


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Anonymous said...

Coach, I look foward to your articles! We will be moving away from the spread and into the flex next season.