Thursday, February 26, 2009

Windows Sucks

I've thrown in the towel.  Ever since upgrading to Windows XP 64, I've had no luck installing 2 items:  A Fujitsu duplex sheetfed scanner (perfect for scanning those 100+ page playbooks, natch!) and my TV Tuner card.  The second item is what has chapped my a$$ of late.  Without the ability to hook up a small DVD player to the composite inputs and record plays to AVI format, I'm having a hard time getting clips up on Veersite. 

I managed to find 64 bit drivers for the damned thing, but the TV program itself insists on doing nothing except screwing up and freezing my computer.

So I'm bidding on a used IBM with good ol' regular 32 bit XP on it on EBAY tonight and hopefully I can get that sucker here in the next week.  Then I can install the TV / Video Capture card in it and get down to ripping some video. 


Coach Smith

UPDATE: 2/28/09

I got a good deal on Ebay for a nice little compact 3 gig Pentium 4 computer  with Vista on it.  I should be able to install my capture card and get it to work, since all the software is supposed to work with the 32 bit version of Vista.  Hopefully, in a week or two, I'll have some updated clips dealing with the Flexbone.

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Brian Manning said...

Talk about frustration! Sometimes it seems like the simplest things are the hardest.