Monday, March 16, 2009

Misdirection for the Flexbone Team

Back in the Split back veer days, misdirection was pretty easy.  You had your Cutback Dive (I like mine trapped, btw…) and the old “Crazy Option” (or Spin Option.)

Now that I’ve forsaken  such plays for the allure of open sets, Rocket Toss, a true balanced set, and the ability to check-with-me on the LOS and truly be able to run Veer to either side equally well, I find myself a little conflicted on my choices for misdirection.

There’s the Counter Option.  It’s devastating when you get to the corner with it.  But I’ve also heard it referred to as “a train wreck waiting to happen.”  A little slower that cutback dive, it does take advantage of fast-flow LBs and tend to slow ‘em down if ran repeatedly.  Get to the pitch and your WB “just – might – go – all – the – way.”

Counter Option.

Then there’s Inside Veer ran with Twirl motion.  I’m even wondering how it might look with a Carson-Newman “C” tag – which tells the backs… or back in our case, to flash pads opposite before hitting the dive…  the QB reverses out then runs his point mesh (I’m thinking just having him do the flash-pads head-fake instead of a complete pirouette, tho.)

ISV with Twirl motion.

Watch the near “Drop DE” in this 3-3 Stack defense.  Who sez the veer doesn’t have misdirection?!


I’ll have more on this post later in the week.  Just wanted to get it rolling tonight.  TIme for bed.


Coach Smith


Brian Manning said...

Completely right about the DE. Totally bites down and takes himself completely out of the play - plus the linebackers follow his lead and don't even know where the ball is until the play is over.

Coach Young said...

Reminds me of Ron Swanson. Very Good.