Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Game 10 Video

I'm not sure if I should be excited that we have 3 quarters of pressbox level video posted online (nice way for Grandpa & Grandma to see the game; positive exposure for the program, etc) or dismayed (scouting video, anyone... anyone?) Regardless, it's out there and here's the link to it.
(Yes... we football coaches are a paranoid lot, lol!)

Campbell County vs. Oak Ridge at Cougarsrock.net

Link to 1st half- larger video

Link to 2nd half- larger video

Thanks to the folks at Cougarsrock.net and the play-by-play crew at 104.9 FM for a nice video of the game. Thanks to their tireless efforts, Cougar sports are getting more and more recognition each season.

Coach Smith


Allen Crowder said...

Seems that these videos are no longer available. Will they be re posted?

Steve said...

I downloaded them to the hard drive a while back. I'll contact the owner of the videos and see if he'll let me post them up on youtube or something.

Coach Smith