Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quote of the Month

Saw this today while reading the News You Can Use" section at Coach Wyatt's excellent Double Wing site,

"Watching the spread (shotgun) offense in high school is like watching touch football at a picnic."
- submitted by reader

I think that sums it up nicely.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you're not checking out Coach Wyatt's site, you're missing out on one of the best football sites on the Net.
Coach Smith


Unknown said...

As much as y'all talk bad about one another, y'all are a lot more alike than you think. It seems that every "double wing coach", "spread coach", "split back veer coach", "pistol coach", "power t coach", "flexbone coach", "air raid coach" etc. has the same thing in common; each of them runs the best offensive system, anybody who runs some other type of system is running the wrong system, and anyone who runs a mix of things instead of "selling out" has bastardized a particular system.

Steve said...

Jason, I try not to get too personal with my joshing-around with coaches who run other systems. If you knew how many times I had taken some flack over running an "outdated, ancient, boring" offense, you might be surprised! My favorite one was "I run the same offense that the _real_ coaches n the NFL run!" Laff Riot...

Trust me, the jabs I take at other systems are good-natured 99.9% of the time. The secret to good coaching is to have the bigger, stronger, and faster athletes. With those, you'll win more than you lose and over time be declared a "genius" among lesser men, lol!

Thanks for the comments,

Coach Smith

Unknown said...

Looking back at what I wrote, i think it does seem a bit harsh; I hope I didn't offend you or anybody else. I just hate it when people get so caught up in stuff like that and forget about the real reason why we coach. We're all FOOTBALL coaches, regardless of what "system" we run. I can appreciate the benefits of sticking with a particular way of doing things, up until a certain point where it hurts one's own cause. There is no right or wrong way to score points. I've been reading Veersite for years, and I love everything i have learned from it. But I also like learning about other aspects of the game too. In high school, I was a lineman in a wing t type offense. So when I took my first coaching job and had to teach a two-point stance to my linemen, it was completely new to me. Was this "spread" offense any better or worse than the type my high school used? Up until this system, I never fully appreciated the benefits of a drop-back passing game. However, there were also times that I wished we could have just run a simple Iso play but couldn't, because it wasn't part of our offense. There's pros and cons of everything I guess.

Anyway, sorry for ranting.

Jason Jackson