Monday, August 15, 2011

Veersite Is On-Hold Indefinitely

I will not be monitoring or adding to this site for the foreseeable future.  I also will not be replying to emails.  This is mostly due to a family illness. I’m also very tired of dealing with ever-increasing hassle of staying in coaching.   Lately I’ve seen too many quality coaches be replaced with men of lesser integrity and ability and I’m not digging the thoughts going to war with ‘em. 

I simply don’t need the hassle badly enough to put up with the bull at present.

I will try to fix the video links sometime in the near future but after that i have no plans to add content to Veersite.

You are welcome to use anything you find here.  I hope it helps.


Steve Smith 8/15/11


John Iannucci said...

You said it about the "new" breed of coaches. (and administrators!) Last year I looked around in preseason and did not like what I saw and walked off the field for good. Career wise it was a big mistake but ethicallt it was the right thing.

Best of luck in what you do and in the future!!! And I hope and pray your family illness gets cured.

John Iannucci

Ferrum82 said...

I have really enjoyed your site, and must say I am disappointed. The health of a family member can be very taxing, and I very much understand your putting away the blog. I cannot say much with any degree of relevant experience or personal knowledge regarding the coaching quality where you are, but it does strike me that if you were to leave the coaching ranks, it will only get worse. While you must do what is best for you, keep in mind the positive effect you are having on your players. It's about them anyway...right?
My best to you in whatever you choose, and I am hoping for a speedy recovery for your loved one.