Tuesday, May 18, 2004

First Post : Mission Statement, etc...

Welcome to The Splitback Veer Offense Web Site!

My name is Coach Steve Smith and I am excited to finally get this project off the ground. This site will hopefully become a tribute and a forum dedicated to the Split Back Veer Offense. In the coming days and weeks the beginnings of this great offense will be listed here as well as is latest innovations and newest wrinkles.

Almost ten years ago, when I first began coaching football on the high school level, I became fascinated with the option offense. It seemed to be fate... The first football book I ever bought was "Homer Rice on Triple Option Football" published in 1973. I found it by accident at a library book sale while I was in college. You can still make out "50 cents" which was written on masking tape on the upper left of the clothbound gray cover. (best deal ever!) Well, years went by and I coached on teams that ran the straight T... The Wing T... The Pro I... The Tight Double Wing (Coach Wyatt is the Man)... and finally... The Splitback Veer!

It was a learning experience to say the least. Every offense has differing layers of complexity, and the Veer is no exception. At first, a coach might think that calling inside veer 40 times is all you're going to need for a win. The Veer looks that good on paper! But versus comparable athletes, even an option offense needs secondary and tertiary plays to complement it's base. You begin to learn what defensive technique alignments enable which play... See how they're trying to use the secondary to help with the option. Once you start seeing what the defense is doing and what they're trying to take away you'll find that you're getting a grip on the offense.

It hasn't been easy. I've learned so many numbering set-ups and play-calling schemes that every so often I'll forget and call a play in some other team's nomenclature. I only notice I've done it when all those eyes looking back at me in the huddle get that "look"... The kids have actually gotten used to it... They just say "wrong team, Coach!" and laugh about it. It ain't easy getting old.. but it sure beats the alternative!

Well, that's all for tonight... I'll soon be looking to add a forum to this blog as well as collect some quality links relating to our particular flavor of the option game.

Coach Smith

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