Thursday, May 20, 2004

Football Books You Won't Mind Reading

Just a quick post while I'm thinking about it... send in your recommendations for a good football read to me, Coach Smith ( It can be fiction or non-fiction... technical or philosophical in nature. My two-cent's worth is (of course)"On Triple Option Football" -Rice, 1973... and "Winning With The Explosive Veer Offense" - Wacker(?), 19(?). Rice's book is still a great first-read for Inside Veer and the "Explosive Veer" is THE Outside Veer book... At least that I've read. Thanks again to Coach Rick Rice for photocopying the entire book(!) for me (since it's out of print.) Now it's your turn... I'll post your suggestions as they come in.

Coach Smith


Anonymous said...

I would highly recommend "When The Game Stands Tall". It is about the De La Salle program that has won 151 straight games in California. Not a lot of Xs and Os but GREAT program organization/coaching philosophy.

Steve said...

Great book suggestion! De La Salle is the premier high school team in the nation... and just so happens to run the veer. In fact, The H.C., Coach Bob Ladoceur (gee, I'd like to hear how his name is pronounced!) has really great clinic notes posted online at the Nike coach of the year website

the link to the article is here:

Anonymous said...

"When the Game Stands Tall" is absolutely great. I read it without looking for X's and O's and was astonished at the way this team, school, and community operates in Concord, California. I recommend it to anyone--coaches, fans, whoever. To comment on Ladoceur, his name is pronounced "Lad-o-seer," and is known simply by "Coach Lad."

Steve said...

I keep hearing that book about De la Salle is a good one. I'll keep my eye out for it the next time I go to one of those giant bookstores in Knoxville. I have a few articles about the program and the coach and I think that should be my next post... probably arond the 23rd.

Thanks for the comment,

Coach Smith

dk1coach said...

"The Sweet Season"- profiling John Gagliardi and the St. John's, Minnesota program written by Austin Murphy is possibly the most under-rated football book out there.

"One Great Game" by Don Wallace is nearly as good as "When The Game Stands Tall". It's about Concord DLS & Long Beach Poly.

"A Civil War" by John Feinstein, about the Army-Navy rivalry, is more about the academies, but it is a reminder about how important football is to the cxommunity, and especially to the people who play and coach.