Monday, August 30, 2004

J.V. Wins Big!

Just a quick post. Well, our host of Freshmen and Sophomores took it to Corbin's JV this evening and won to the tune of 26-0. Corbin had a few drives end in turnovers, but, then again, so did we. Many of our 9th graders are seeing a lot of action on Friday night... as are our Sophomores. But as shown tonight against a worthy opponent, the wheel is turning for us in the right direction. It might be turning slowly... but it's turning none the less!

Nuts and bolts: Corbin runs a 44 but rolls up the OLB's vs a TE to give a 6-2 look vs 2 Tights. Not being brilliant, I ran a lot of 2 Tights (with a flanker) to make 'em balance up the D line and LBs and give me less to look at when calling plays. If they tighten the DE/DT 's then you run OSV... Widen them (and the 2 techniques) and you can go to your ISV and inside trap. Of course, I didn't catch it all the time, but the players know the angles and who to block even if we're not running the "perfect" play... just so long as it's "close enough." We could have ran more speed option at them, but we were doing okay with OSV and it hits faster... so why bother? It wasn't "broke," so we didn't "fix" it. The inside trap worked as well. There's going to a "bubble" in that D line somewhere - you just have to find it! I'm a firm believer that you can win with a small number of plays if your kids know how to fine-tune them to work versus the various fronts you see.

Now, there's just enough time to savor this victory one last time before bedtime... then it's time to move on to getting ready for Friday night's game vs. Pineville (my high school alma mater, BTW.)

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