Wednesday, February 15, 2006

3 Wides vs. the 33 Cover 3

Well, I'm still working on this post, but I thought I would put up what I've got. All I've got so far is the diagram below and what's staring at me from the whiteboard hanging on the wall.

Play action looks good to the flat since it's cover 3. If the DEs start hanging in the flats, then Speed and Lead Option should go big when you get the ball to the perimeter. I like running lead draws if they tend to just rush 3 on passing downs. Motioning a HB out and trapping to the motion could be a big gainer. I also like motioning the opposite HB weak and getting him matched up with the weak side OLB on the Smash (or Corner) route. Running ISV or Lead/Speed to that motion might or might not be worth a look depending on how they react to it... be ready. It's a balanced defense, so running strong makes sense. Pass plays I like against it are All Curl, the Seam (reading the FS), Sail, and the Hitch weak and the Bubble strong if they insist on bring the DEs in from the flats.

I'm out of time for tonight... I'll get some play diagrams up this weekend.

Have a good rest of the week,

Coach Smith

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