Sunday, February 12, 2006

Starburst 3-Way Kickoff Return

I know this isn't veer related, but I've gotten so many requests for info on the 3-Way K.O. Return from over on Coach Huey's board that I've decided it would just be easier if I posted the info up here on Veersite. Now, instead of retyping (I'm not a very good typist), all I have to do is refer coaches back to this page.

We ran a version of this return back in the late 90's at Crockett County High School. My tape with that footage is gone, but there is a clip of it on that old freshman highlight video I put up. If I could get it going on the Freshman level, I hope this would encourage you to try it on the varsity level as well.

Coach Smith

Link to video of a team running the return very well.

Link to PDF of an article about the return: here.

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