Saturday, January 06, 2007

DeMeo's 3-Step Boot

I can't say enough great things about Tony DeMeo. I've talked to several option coaches who have gone on and on about how Coach DeMeo has gone to great lengths to help them with their Flexbone offense. Always and innovator, Coach DeMeo is currently causing a stir with his Shotgun Option package. The 3-Step Boot package I'm covering comes from his quality Flexbone option videos from Coaches Choice.

Have you ever called a Stop or Out route just to see the defense decide to switch to a hard corner or walk a LB out in the flat? Ouch! Hope you're QB is smart enough to make a quick audible or go to a secondary receiver. Coach DeMeo's idea was to block his 3 step as if it were a boot the opposite way and have the 3 remaining receivers run routes similar to the old Wing-T Waggle pattern. The more I've looked at it, the more I scratched my head and thought, "Hmmmm... even we could do that!" You can make it as fancy or as simple as you want, but that's the main gist of the idea.

You can tag the primary single receiver route to whatever you want and then add "Boot" to the end of it to get the desired results. If they have deep cover 3 corners and you've chosen to run a Post with your primary, now you have the chance of hitting the Drag or Flat routes the Wingbacks are running. If you call a 5 yard Stop route into press cover 2 corners, then you might not waste a down if you boot and hit the Post-Corner or the Drag instead. All in all, I really like the concept. Unlike his Triple Screen, this isn't easily modified to split backs... but I'd think about running a little Flexbone just to have the 3-Step Boot in my arsenal!

Coach Smith

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