Monday, January 22, 2007

Should You Run The Option?

You new it had to happen... that one day I would lose it and post something so controversial... so horrifying... so disgusting... so disturbing that you would recoil in shock and fall to the floor in a fetal position rocking back and forth whispering "the Horror... the Horror..."

Yep, you guessed it. My ugly puss on Veersite. Lord help us.

Should You Run The Option - Coach Smith


"He's a runner... he's got some feet." - Coach Smith


Anonymous said...

Ain't you my algerbra teacher?
Well see you monday.

Anonymous said...

Another point you did not mention is that option offenses always keep the ball going forward. There are not many negative yardage plays when running option. I train my QB's when in doubt about the read,GIVE. I'll take 2nd and 6 over 2nd and 10 with an incomplete pass or even worse 2nd and 17 because you just got sacked. I like running option from the Wishbone:midline,veer and speed with play action off of all of them.

Coach Penn

Steve said...

Good point, Coach Penn. If you watch the video of our offensive series v. Madison, you will notice the -2 and -3 isos... and -8 and -12 yard sacks seem to go away when we're running ISV, Trap, Trap-Option, and OSV. The sad thing is, we weren't even executing it all that well or reading it that well, either.

Anonymous said...

Hey coach, great video! I thoroughly enjoyed your viewpoints and philosophy and agree with them 100%. When are today's coaches gonna learn that if it ain't broke don't fix it! If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! I'm sick of watching games on tv that feature these mutant form of offenses, you know, spread them out cause there's more room to run, what a bunch of b.s. I've watched countless games of h.s., college, pro, and the one offense that's effective every time it's implemented is the option.
I've got a cousin who's a senior in a high school in Minnesota. Last year his 9-man football team went winless. This year, so far, they are winless, mainly because the coach is dead set on a passing game for whatever reason. Anyway, I caught their game last week and they were actually running the ball somewhat effectively, but he still insisted on the pass. They were still in the game at halftime tied 10-10. In the third they came out in the "tight I", which for them is 5 down linemen in 9-man football, and came out running the triple option! All of a sudden their marching down the field one option play after another and just killing this team. Now, you could tell they just implemented it recently because the QB/FB mesh kept missing each other, but it didn't matter. One play ended up being a pitch to the HB that went for about 25 yds. The cruddy thing was as soon as they got down to the 5, you think this coach would stick with what got him there? NOPE! He decided to do his little drop back passes for 3 downs, missed on all of them and ended up turning the ball over. It made me sick to my stomach that my cousin's senior year is becoming a waste because of the coaches idiocy. From that point on I have been thinking of fulfilling my one time dream of becoming a football coach, cause I know with my mentality and a philosophy that's similar to yours, I could make a difference. Anyway, they ended up losing 30-20 against a team they should have destroyed. Anyway, keep up the good work coach, I'll definitely keep the hope that the option will be on top once again. Blair Jones, Alexandria, MN.