Friday, May 04, 2007


First I want to mention that I'll be putting up an article on running the Trap and Trap Option package this weekend., on with my rant.

I've taken some heat over the past couple of months by mentioning that I am learning to run the flexbone variant of the option these days.

I get long passionate emails or replies to posts on message boards regarding this. They usually fall along these lines...

1. The Curious Camper. This coach just wants to know how it's going and why I'm considering it. I rarely get attacked by one of these mellow dudes and 99% of the time I enjoy the exchange.

2. The Zealot/Purist. This guy is typically all-or-nothing in his viewpoint and usually begins by telling me what a mistake I'm making. Or that I'm an idiot. Another tact is to accuse me of not "selling" out to the offense (!) and thus having problems. (Dude... 4 years spreading the word and running the split back veer.... I think I "sold out.") Anyway, this coach basically feels like I'm pissing on the honor of the split back veer if I don't line up in 2 Tights and run OSV 30 times a game. I'd tell you more, but I usually end up deleting the message at this point and really don't know what else they say. God bless them... we need people in this world who are always correct and never need to stop and say, "what if..."

3. The Gotcha Guy. This guy needs a hobby. Or to get laid... Something. He has spent the last four years cross-referencing all my posts to every coaching site I've ever visited as well as all my blog entries - just waiting for the day he can catch me in an inconsistency or reversing myself.

Hey, Einstein, make it easy on yourself and just catch me any morning where I haven't had my Coca Cola or my coffee... you'll get all the inconsistencies you would ever dream of.
I'm gonna let you in a little secret... shhhhhhh... I DON'T FRIGGIN KNOW EVERYTHING!!! Hell, there are coaches who have forgotten more stuff than I'll ever know. I am going to make mistakes. I actually do change my mind from time to time as well. I might hate a play one year with a certain QB and absolutely love it the next with another. Or I learn more about something over the course of a year... maybe at a clinic or talking to another coach. I used to hate the thought of having a pitch read on the midline - "you're wasting a blocker" I always said. Then I got hold of some vintage Georgia Southern and I had to eat crow. They make a living getting to the pitch on the midline in some games I've seen of them. So I guess there's good points to running it both ways. Big deal - run it the way that screws the defense the most.

I guess I should be thankful for the fact a few are keeping up with everything I've posted before. I know I sure as hell can't.

I guess my point is this: Veersite is just a big old sloppy burrito of option football knowledge and opinions... nothing more and nothing less.
I'm not evangelical about it, I just try to put up informative posts on what has worked for me or for others at some time or other. Feel free to try any and all ideas presented here... or not. If you think I've put something up that's unsound or needs correcting, then by all means let me know. But odds are I've ran it successfully at some point and I'm comfortable with it.

In fact, I've taken the time to change the title of the website here to "The Multiple Option Offense." I wanted it to more accurately reflect the direction I'm heading. I'm not going to turn my back on running the option from split backs, but I would like to help out the guy wanting to run some option from the "I" or the flex as well. I think the Trap Option is even harder to find out info about than even the split back veer. Where's a coach going to find out stuff about that?

I'll tell you where...

"...Hell, we'll take anybody!" - paraphrasing Coach Jack Lengyel from the movie, "We Are Marshall."

next up: The Trap Option.

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