Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kiffin Pre-Statement Video (Alternate Title: Big College Athletics Is Full Of Arrogant Jackasses

I love the University's representative trying to lay down the law on the media prior to his statement at U.T.

"This is OUR building... you know that don't ya?"

No it's the taxpayers of Tennessee's building. The problem is arrogant jerks like yourself have forgotten that fact. Perhaps a drop in ticket sales will remind your sorry ass next season.

Another thing I noticed was how well-tapped those papers in that hand are! I don't suppose he was nervous, was he? You'd almost think it was this guy that had just broken his promise to all his players and recruits. Personally, I would have just let the press tear Kiffin a new one. Why does he think he has to run interference for lil' Kiffin? Loyalty, lol? The "dignity of the University??" What a crock of shit.

I also love the "professionalism" of telling the TV guys that "they cut their noses off to spite their face." Is it really his responsibility to inform them of this? I thought he was there to set up the interview of shut it down. Feeling the need to inform other's of how they should act -according to you - is very telling on the part of the University. It's also the province of the schoolyard bully. They all sound tough until somebody gets tired and punches 'em in the nose. Then all you get are half-hearted taunts as they crawl off to lick their wounds.

Final assesment of U.T.'s attitude: How dare the press question us - don't you know who WE are??? (There's a lot of that going around on the institutional level these days, unfortunately.)

I would who this guy is. Ain't if great when a big fish from a little pond walks in and starts bellowing just how it's gonna be.. and it blows up in their face. Priceless.

I really wish someone had called his bluff when he keeps saying Kiffin might just walk. Why didn't someone just say, "Fine, let him walk. That will really look good - turning tale and running out of Knoxville without the guts to face the music. No YOU guys decide how you want to look in the court of public opinion. Make it quick... I've got a deadline." I would have made Kiffin and he University out to be what they are - jerks who think they can dictate just how it's going to be to anyone and everyone - and then think they can make you like it.

Newsflash Jerko. no you can't. Not one bit.

Screw these overpaid jackasses. I'll never watch or go to another U.T. football game again. Good luck to Dooley, but count me the hell out. And Kiffin's attitude is, "hey, how dare anyone get pissed at ME over all this! I'll just walk out without a statement." I don't know why he deserved to give one anyway. Hey, you needed a job, you told the interviewers anything they wanted to hear in order to get it, and when you got a chance at another job with more money and stature, you jumped ship. And you'll leave USC too, if you can find a pro team dumb enough to hire you.

The final blame lies in the ones who chose Kiffin. It was no secret what he was. That's who the fans should really blame. They are the ones who should be getting the boot. But they will continue on... sitting in the skyboxes and flying aroung on the Pilot Fuels corporate jet and making the big bucks.

The irony is that Fulmer would probably had the same record this season as Kiffin's crew.

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into big college coaching. Don't forget a barf bag next time you get another.

Coach Smith
(who is proud to say has no endorsements, no contract, and is happy and proud to coach real high school athletes who play for the love of the game.)

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