Monday, October 25, 2004

Midline from Splitbacks

Every so often we run into a 4-front defense and we get a shaded 3 technique to our TE side. This makes it tough to run our ISV. We could double the 3 tech and hope the psT can release to the MLB in time, OR.... we can run our Midline.

The diagram above is roughly how we run our midline. We try to make it as similar to ISV as possible so we don't have to re-teach so much. the QB's steps are different; he steps back behind the C and points the ball at the dive read... the psHB steps in at a 45 degree andle and aims just outside the foot of the Center. Everything else is pretty much the same... the psG doesn't have anyone to block on the line, so he inside releases second level... the psT has the psOLB... the TE arcs to force... you can fold or scoop the 1 tech. The Midline is probably better when ran from a set with a true FB... just like the OSV is better when ran from splitbacks. We've found that it serves it's purpose from splitbacks... pulling that 3 tech back in and then we can block him better and run ISV.

Coach Smith

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