Thursday, October 07, 2004

A quick addition... 2+2=4

hey, before I get alternately quized and/or lambasted over the last two sets of play diagrams, let me clear up something. I just noticed the path I had drawn for the psG on each set of plays (speed option from the gun and OSV vs a 52). I started off with the double between psG and C (thinking a shaded nose) but drew it with a head up NG. In this case, I should have had the ps guard head straight for the psLB's outside shoulder withthe intentions of intercepting the offside LB at that spot... and picking up the psLB should he decide to try and blow thru A gap. the diagrams show both the double AND the scoop... which is kind of overkill... and leaves A gap playside a little shaky.

I gotta quit writing this stuff when I'm tired... before you know it I'll be trying to run ISV with the double wing 6 inch splits... Whew!

See you guys next week!

Coach Smith

ps. I went back and corrected the psG path on the last two play diagrams. I left his combo path but changed it to a dotted line.

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