Monday, July 26, 2004

It's a 4-4 "D" for week one... we think!

Well, word is that we'll be facing a 4-4 come week one. Is it the end of the world...? No 5-3 or rolling 5-2 cover 4? It's got so we pretty much install everything we put in vs. a 5-3 since we see it so many times during the regular season. Like everybody else, we week-by-week prepare, but we'd be nuts not to realize that we're going to see some kind of 50 front 8 outta 10 games. This is why I'm looking forward to week one: I get to "chalk it up" against a shaded 4o for a change! No "N" for noseguard! :-) Anyway, here's a few specifics. The LB's tend to play lateral and the stong end fights to the outside (i.e. has contain.) The weak side 1 and 5 techniques are about what you would expect. So let me know what you think... what sequence of plays would you use on both the run and pass. I'm tending to think veer weak and trap- option strong. Look for 8-10 yard seam routes off playaction strong as well as the backside post to the X. Run outside veer strong with the psT and psG Duece the 3 tech and seal the ps LB with the TE... that would be my emphasis. tell me what you think.

Coach Smith


RB said...

We tend to see all even defenses as oppossed to your odd. Generally we would see a 6 or 7 technique instead of a 9. If the defense lines up as you have diagramed and anticipate I would think a steady diet of the outside veer to the strong side. OG and OT combo up to playside inside LB. TE inside release for playside OLB (who may be scraping anyway for pitch, as most OLB in 4-4 have pitch)if OLB is not there for TE continue to safety. Read 9 tech, dive back should have a 100 in the first quarter. I also like lead option strong with Z cracking OLB and lead back blocking corner, pitch off 9 tech. Eventually the defense will move to a 7 to stop your outside veer, then I would continue with lead option strong. Have TE block down on 7, OT seal inside LB, you then have your choice (1) crack OLB, lead on FS, pitch off of corner (2)crack FS, lead on corner, pitch off OLB (3)stalk corner, lead on FS, pitch OLB (4) crack OLB, lead on corner, pitch off of FS

Also like to to use tackle over with twins. This will move OLB out for outside veer. If they slide LB's to compensate run IV weak and Lead Option weak. We have had much more success vs the 4-4 than 4-3 with cover 2 look.

Interested in hearing about your version of the trap option


Steve said...

Great ideas on attacking the 44 Stack, Coach. Another coach suggested lots of stop routes to X & Z if they play the OLBs in tight. I like the stop route vs cover 3... tends to loosen those OLBs. I also think a down-option would be nice (QB keeping, really) vs their alignment, although we don't run that particular play. Perhaps if we get everything down offensively by camp the H.C. will consider it. I think OSV to the TE will be a killer play if the TE zones at the OLB on his way to the psILB to catch x-stunts with the DE/OLB.

Steve said...

We also think they are gonna have to bring their strong DE in from a 9 tech to a 7 tech. I don't see how they can afford to leave that big a bubble in their D line. Then again, I'm not a 40 front guy... they might know something I don't!

Coach Smith