Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Test of image hosting site

Below is a test of the free image hosting site, Photobucket. The only problem I have with Blogger is it's inability to host images. No images, no plays. With Photobucket, I can post jpg, gif, bmp, and png format images and link to them. So, if you want to send me the sketch of a particular play or defense, for example, just scan it in and send it to me. I prefer png format since it is a lossless compression. Jpg is okay, too, but make sure you leave it at a pretty high quality.

Below is a test of my first Photobucket image link...

In the next week, I'll be sending out an email to all who have written me this summer... it will contain info on how I intend to use the veersite message board and the Veersite weblog to allow coaches to post questions, answers, and ideas to one another during the season. Stay tuned!

Coach Smith

26July2004 -- Well, it looks like photobucket deletes the images after a set time... back to the drawing board... literally! - Smith

pps. disregard that last remark! I found the inside veer diagram. I'm back on the Photobucket bandwagon again!

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