Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Counter- Trey

When I was a coach in West TN, we ran a version of the double wing. The best play from that set was the counter-trey. It was a great all-purpose play that you could run (almost) no matter the down and distance. Since switching to split backs, it's the one play I miss the most. Imagine my suprise whan I saw split back veer legend De LaSalle run it several times during the Evengal Christian game. I almost jumped out of my chair to hit rewind. I had seen 80' era NDSU run it off a quick HB motion, but DSL ran it out of splitbacks without any motion at all. I did notice they were setting the heels of the HB's at 5 yards, but that might be thier regular depth to begin with. Below are two diagrams showing the basic play for both DSL and NDSU.

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