Monday, September 20, 2004

More Attacking the 6-2

I was asked recently what short passes I would use against the 6-2. Well, I always consider my QB when thinking about the passing game... A great athlete makes me confident and throw the deep ball, while the lesser athlete makes me think BootPass and easy combo routes off Play Action. My favorite playaction pass from my "I" days is a 10 yd curl by the Flanker with a 2-3 yard TE Flat route (I've also heard it called a Bench or a Shoot route as well) coupled with play action. It's a little better out of the "I" if you can use the playaction to sprint-out... putting that much more pressure on corner support. The QB looks for the TE first then checks to the FL curling and working towards the middle if the TE is covered. I had a freshmen QB get over 250 yards passing one night running this play to the TE/FL side as well as motioning the FL across and running the same play to the Split End side with the SE running the Curl and the FL hitting the Flat route with a head of steam from the crossing motion. I don't think the ball ever went more than 11 yards down the field, but the yards after catch were awesome.

Getting back to the Veer, I would first see who's "biting" on the veer action. A Playside CB suckered up warrants a Fade off of ps Play action, while a FS inverting and playing inside-out run support is gonna get hit with the Texas(backside) Post to either the SE or backisde TE. this can be in a regular "Pro" set or in 2 tights. The Boot Pass is also a pretty safe play with an inexperienced QB.

I'm leaving out the fact that any time I have a CB give 7 or more yards, I'm thinking the 5 yard Stop route until they either walk out a LB/DE or tighten the CB (then "Hello," Fade!). Again, a lot depends on the ability and reliability of the QB. Some inspire more confidence than others!

Coach Smith

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