Monday, September 27, 2004

Speed Option vs. 44 (& the 52)

There's more than one way to block this on the perimeter. I suggest planning around the best perimeter run defender they have and working from there. Check out the Rolling Thunder web site in the links section for more digrams on blocking the Speed Option versus various fronts.

Coach Smith

Below is the diagram for running it to the twins versus a 52 rolling cover 3 "Sky." We are double-teaming the playside 3 tech and the backside 1 tech and scooping off to LB. The crack for the psILB by the inside rec. should insure that inside-out pursuit is cut-off. If the psT can get to the psILB, then the twins rec's can crack S and F instead and everyone is accounted for. Personally, I like the overkill on the ILB... there's a reason he's sitting at 4 yards and the Free is at 10!

Coach Smith

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