Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Laughing My A$$ Off

I was browsing through various posts on the X's and O's of Football Forum and ran across this. I almost fell outta my chair when I read the last line!

Re: tantrums
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We had a good one in practice this year. A DE took some of the DL's motivation to heart and went off. He grabbed a set of small aluminum bleachers-the kind about 5 seats high- turned it over and rolled it. During the break the guys were all trying to pick it up and nobody could (and, yes I did try it after the kids left.Heavy).

The kid has an anger management problem. Last year he got mad about something and ripped the locker room door off the hinges.

Why do we keep him around? Two reasons:
1. He's really a good kid. I mean, he really is. "Yes sir, No sir" kid who takes things out on things, not people.
2. Well, duh! He's a DL who can throw bleachers and rip doors off the hinges.

Well, Duh!!! :-)

Have a good one,

Coach Smith

ps. New update this weekend and - coming soon - Coach Smith hunts for a job!

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