Friday, December 09, 2005

March 3rd - March 5th Mark Your Calendar

It came today in the mail, the brochure for the 2006 Carson-Newman Football Clinic. I know I have gone on in the past about this clinic, but let me take a moment to do so again.

I love this clinic. I love the fact that Coach Sparks knows the great responsibility we as coaches have concerning the young men who play for us. I love the fact that you see coaches sitting up and taking note of what's being said - not worrying about skipping out to do who-knows-what. I like the fact you can bring your wife to this clinic and she won't be bored out of her mind. I like the fact that you will hear men give testimony as a matter of fact. I like the interesting speakers you'll find there and the break-out sessions where you can quiz the coaches of what might be the last, best veer program in the nation. And I especially like the fact that you will meet some of the best coaches and all-around nice guys you're likely to find anywhere.

I once heard that "if you want to make God smile, just tell him your plans." Well, I don't want to ignore that sage advice, but if it's all the same to Him, I know where I'd like to be on March third 2006.

Nuff Said.

Coach Smith

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