Friday, January 28, 2005

Game Cuts: Inside Veer

Well, I finally found a place to host small video clips. It is called and thier free hosting package seems pretty decent for what I need; a place to host lots of small, short video clips of individual football plays. I have no idea how long has been around or how long they're likely to stick around, but while they do, we'll have a place to host some play clips!

(Note: links open in a seperate window and play on that window. When you are done, just close the window as you would any other.)

Inside Veer

The first clip is ISV vs a 4-front. We do some good things and some "okay" things on this play... but it's mostly good. Playside, the guard is handling the 2 tech on his own and getting some push so the OT can seal ILB. The TE is arcing and the backs are doing okay. They were, however offset a bit to playside - which can become a nice key for the defense if you don't stay on top of it. Backside we do a nice job of scooping to playside and cutting off pursuit.

At the end of the play, it would have been better if the back had set up the DB for the TE a little better. Andrew is a little tenative and never makes contact with the Cornerback - but it is partially because the HB cuts inside (instead of staying in the veer lane!) and pulls the DB in with him. A head fake inside then hitting the sideline might get C.G. into the endzone.

Cut One: ISV vs. 4-front

ISV to the Twins
The next clip is ISV ran to the twins. The playside OT checks to double with the psG but ends free to help on LBs - head-up to inside. In this blocking scheme, the OLB is the pitch read but somehow gets caugh-up in the trash. The slot rec. is stalking the SS, but we could have called for him to block down on the OLB and used the SS as the pitch read. Anyway, the Z is getting the the way of the SS, but that's about all. It would be better if he locked the SS up, giving the ball carrier at least the possiblity of cutting outside if needed. The split end is stalking the CB but cannot be seen on the clip. The FS is late to the party and over-runs the QB when he does show up. Backside there is penetration by the DT (a 2 tech?) which is not a good thing. It looks like the OT was too high for a good scoop. If he had gotten his head across the knee, there would have been much less penetration. The TE is scooping and since the DE tried to cross his face, he is cutting him off. If he could have beaten the DE across, the TE would have continued to the second level. The QB catches the psDE stepping down and inside and correctly pulls the ball in and continues on to the "promised land." The dive HB does a decent job of getting in the way of inside pursuit after making it thru the line untackled. The pitch HB does an okay job staying in pitch relationship as long as possible.

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