Sunday, January 30, 2005

Game Cuts: Speed Option

I've talked about the Speed Option before here, but I thought I would take another look at this great football play now that I have some film to go with it.

Clip One

The defense is a 53 with 4i DTs and 9 DEs with the OLBs in 40-50 technique alignments. We are in a Pro Left formation and have given the TE the flex call. Notice how much of a bubble this gives us playside. This can come in really handy when you want to run the Speed Option (or OSV or Spin Option, too). You'll notice that the key block is the psOT who must be able to block the DT one on one or the play is toast (well... not exactly. See Cut Three for explanation)

The Flanker takes the CB out as far as he will go but will look OLB to FS for his block.
Notice the nice scoop by the center and offside guard... which allows both the psG and C to knock the MLB out of the play. the psHB takes a good route to the CB and throws a nice block out in space.

Clip Two

This cut shows the Keep off of the Speed Option. The read comes upfield and the QB cuts up. The CB tries to recover, but is too wide to get there in time. The ps OT does a man's job reaching the DT and getting outside position. Checking to the called dive might have been a good idea when looking up and seeing that 5 tech DT. The psTE could have done a better job of getting and keeping outside position on his block on the OLB. The psG (a freshman) took a poor angle to cut off the MLB and could not get position on him. Luckily the MLB got caught up in the trash and couldn't make the play. Note that the flanker (a freshman) goes ahead and finishes the TE's block - and even though the FS doesn't get blocked and makes the eventual tackle, we get a nice gain on the play.

Clip Three

Not much to say differently except that even though the psOT doesn't get position on the DT, sometimes he's occupied just enough to keep from making the play. Not recommended, but just an example of why you want to hit it fast. That's the great thing about the option... many times the QB can pitch himself out of trouble!

Coach Smith

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