Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Video Madness

Well, I have got the flexbone option material VideoCD masters ready to go. Each section has a menu entry and the whole thing fits on 3 CDs. I have tried them on two 1-year old Apex DVD players and they all ran nicely. I plan on taking them to school and seeing how some older DVD players take to them. I am having trouble creating the menus in the DVD format - the menu choices are there, but they don't get highlighted when you pass over them like the ones on the VCDs do. This can lead to some slight difficulty choosing the correct segment at times.

I already have the 2003 MHS highlight film on VCD along with 2 segments of game cuts from 2004. the De Lasalle ESPN special is also on VCD, so I hope that on Friday I can finally get to Post Office and get some of this stuff in the mail!

My next video project will be "scanning" in some play cuts for some in-house material for out players. I will take some examples of each play, freeze it for about 5 seconds with the play title at the top of the screen and lines showing each player's assignment. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to do it! This might help with the teaching process this spring. Let's hope so.

Coach Smith

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