Thursday, January 06, 2005

Play Action Pass Protection

Nothing fancy tonight... just the basics on our play-action protection. the emphasis is on the QB and HB fake for deception. We want our linemen to be agressive and show run to the defense. However there is a point of diminishing returns where they start missing blocks and letting the D linemen by due to poor angles caused by "too much fake not enough block" syndrome. The main thing is knowing who begins the turn-backs... and then picking up the guy that crosses your face. The diagram shows how we would probably react to both a 44 and 50 front defense. We like the playaction look for the vertical game with the X backside Post, the Y Seam, and the Z Fade all working well at different times.

Coach Smith

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OptionKid said...

For a play-action pass to be successful your blocking up front should not change just because it is a pass. I would tell your oline to run the play as if it were a run. If there is supposed to be a double team somewhere use it. Show the run. If your guard is supposed to block down on this certain run he blocks down. What I am saying is don't change anything upfront and sacrifice the fake.