Saturday, January 29, 2005

Game Cuts: Outside Veer

The next series we'll look at is the Outside Veer.

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Outside Veer

The first clip is OSV vs a 53 with 4i DTackles and OLBs just chompin' at the bit. You might notice the depth of the Safety - this is why we check OLB first and don't always account for him. We are running some unbalanced trickery so don't be thrown off when I go over assignments. The SE is Over and both OT's are together on the same side with a Guard and TE to the weak side. The backside TE takes a good inside release and continues on to the next level. Note the great pancake block the ps"TE" (actually the right tackle most of the time) puts on the OLB playside. This contrasts with the non-block of the wing. He's a great soph. reciever and second team QB, but he's not gonna be mistaken for a blocking back. The SE widens and stalks the corner. The QB and pitch back carry out thier assignments and the ball carrier makes a nice gain on the play. There is no combo block called at the line since the DT's are playing 4i techniques. I cannot emphasize how important it is to hit the play fast and for the line to stay low and get thier heads across the playside thighpad of the defender. We have 2 freshmen starting in this clip on the line.

Cut One: Unbalanced Wing OSV vs 53

Clip two is the mirror of clip one. The downfield blocking is better and this time the dive scores.

The last cut is OSV from a Pro left set. The defense is a 62 cover 3 - a favorite target for the OSV! We stalk the corner and the FS is the pitch read (although we don't get to him). I personally like bringing the Flanker down on the FS and pitching off the CB. If you do this, you make sure the pitch read can't tackle your dive back should he be given the ball.

The line play is pretty good. Notice the zone step by the psTE in case he has to double with the psOT although this proves not to be the case.

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