Thursday, July 29, 2004

Going to Camp!

Well, we're heading off to camp this weekend and I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon. I won't be back until the 5th, so no more posts until late next week! Have a great week and "stay in the veer lane!"

Man that's corny. Here's a Norman Rockwell football grapic to make up for it. It's small, but it's cool

BTW, be sure to check out Coach Wyatt's News You Can Use this week. He's got the first inside scoop on the Kerry-Soccer Scandal!!! :-)

Coach Smith

Adding Different Looks To Your Inside Trap

Most teams run the inside trap. Depending on what you want, you can add some differing looks to it by simply tagging the play call with some word to tell the remaining backs what to do. for instance, once school where I coached called the inside trap left "2 trap at 3." To have a bootleg fake, we would say, " 2 trap at 3 boot." To have a "spinner" option look, we could call it "2 trap at 3 spin." To carry out an option fake away from the trap, call "2 trap at 3, option away." I've seen some teams carry out an option fake towards the trap with the QB and HB faking option similar to the spinner except they turn around facing the LOS instead. That might be called "2 trap at 3 opton to," I suppose. In any case, you could easily add 2 or 3 more looks to your inside trap simply by adding an appropriate tag word that fits in with your team's terminology. Only 2 players need remember anything new and the other players need not worry with it.

Coach Smith

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Trap Option -- "Spinner"

I've made reference a couple of times on Veersite and a couple of other message boards about the trap-option we run. I've seen a similar play to this one in Wacker's Veer book. He called it the "Crazy" Option if I remember correctly. His play differed in that the pulling guard made his way past the DE and blocked second level. The DE was the option read. Wacker is correct (in his book) in the fact that you really don't need to have much of a fake to the dive back. The LBs tend to freeze leaving them open to the down blocks. Some time needs to be spent going over Logging a defensive player who squeezes the trap. The QB just goes on around the collision and gets up the veer lane ready to pitch if needed. The QB keeps most of the time, but when you do pitch, it tends to go for big yardage.

Coach Smith

UPDATE -- Game Cuts Below -- 31 Jan05

Cut One: Spinner to Twins

Cut Two: Spinner to Tight End

In Cut One, we run it to the Twins and end up trapping the psOLB (44 w/LBs bumped to the Twins). The DE pinched and tried to cross the face of the psOT who then blocked him. The MLB wasn't fooled and makes the play after a 5 yard gain.

In Cut Two, we are facing a 53 slightly bumped to the twins and run it to the TE side. There is not much puch on the psDT and the psDE does a good job wrong-arming the trap. Our senior guard does an equally good job at logging the squeeze DE and the play just bounces on around into the secondary. The psOLB is not sealed by the TE but ends up over-pursuing the QB. The QB does a nice job running in the broken field and makes a nice gain on the play.

Coach Smith

Monday, July 26, 2004

It's a 4-4 "D" for week one... we think!

Well, word is that we'll be facing a 4-4 come week one. Is it the end of the world...? No 5-3 or rolling 5-2 cover 4? It's got so we pretty much install everything we put in vs. a 5-3 since we see it so many times during the regular season. Like everybody else, we week-by-week prepare, but we'd be nuts not to realize that we're going to see some kind of 50 front 8 outta 10 games. This is why I'm looking forward to week one: I get to "chalk it up" against a shaded 4o for a change! No "N" for noseguard! :-) Anyway, here's a few specifics. The LB's tend to play lateral and the stong end fights to the outside (i.e. has contain.) The weak side 1 and 5 techniques are about what you would expect. So let me know what you think... what sequence of plays would you use on both the run and pass. I'm tending to think veer weak and trap- option strong. Look for 8-10 yard seam routes off playaction strong as well as the backside post to the X. Run outside veer strong with the psT and psG Duece the 3 tech and seal the ps LB with the TE... that would be my emphasis. tell me what you think.

Coach Smith

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Test of image hosting site

Below is a test of the free image hosting site, Photobucket. The only problem I have with Blogger is it's inability to host images. No images, no plays. With Photobucket, I can post jpg, gif, bmp, and png format images and link to them. So, if you want to send me the sketch of a particular play or defense, for example, just scan it in and send it to me. I prefer png format since it is a lossless compression. Jpg is okay, too, but make sure you leave it at a pretty high quality.

Below is a test of my first Photobucket image link...

In the next week, I'll be sending out an email to all who have written me this summer... it will contain info on how I intend to use the veersite message board and the Veersite weblog to allow coaches to post questions, answers, and ideas to one another during the season. Stay tuned!

Coach Smith

26July2004 -- Well, it looks like photobucket deletes the images after a set time... back to the drawing board... literally! - Smith

pps. disregard that last remark! I found the inside veer diagram. I'm back on the Photobucket bandwagon again!