Friday, January 11, 2008

Starburst KO Return Video Updated

I re-upped the video of the Starburst (or 3-Way) KO return and fixed the link in the original article. The PDF of the Starburst article has been fixed as well.

The link to the original page is below.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

McCain 08

While I try not to espouse my political views on a football website, I'm making the exception today.  While I find it hard not to root for fellow Tennessean Fred Thompson, I have come to realize that John McCain has the qualities we need at this point in time in our Commander in Chief.  I hope his win in New Hampshire leads to more success in the future.



Senator John McCain:


McCain has been-there, done-that, and bought the tee shirt.  He's flown missions in Vietnam, was eventually shot down, spent 5 years as a POW...  the man is tough, the man is a winner,and the word "Quit" isn't in his vocabulary.  He is a conservative but is realistic with his views.  McCain isn't perfect, but I honestly think he is the best choice, that he is a good man, and that he will do more to unify the country than any other candidate from either party.


You can find out more about him here as well.

Alright...  I'm off my soapbox.  It's safe to come out from hiding.  I promise more football is on the way.

Oh, And One More Thing...

I'm looking for a program needing a motivated HC or OC. And while I think winning games is a great way to keep yourself from living under a highway overpass, I honestly think that how well we help the boys who enter our programs grow into young men is the ultimate litmus for any coach.

If you know of a program that is interested in making both goals happen, please drop me a line at

- Coach S

My Resume (Unzip then open with Adobe Reader or Foxit PDF reader)

ps. I decided not to re-post the "will coach for food" pic. I think it scares people.

I'm More Convinced Than Ever...

...that the formation isn't the important thing.  It's the Option philosophy itself that makes all the difference.air-force-falcons

I finally got to watch some of the Bowl games after being on the road all last week.  While Navy and it's flavor of flexbone option has been the main team I've studied this season, it was nice to watch the Air Force Academy run it's new multiple-set option attack.  While they are getting in the gun and running a lot of zone-option, I have to admit that when they run the old Colorado "I-Bone" I get a little misty-eyed, lol!

Wofford Spring Clinic

Thanks to Coach Vince Fields for passing this info along...  be sure to mark March 13-15 on your calendars!

- Coach Smith



Link to Clinic Pamphlet