Monday, January 12, 2009

Play Installation (In Progress)

Well, it's that time of year, Coaches. Spring Practice will be upon us and before you know it we'll all be going round-and-round with baseball coaches from Pacific to Atlantic over the skill players.

After running the Flexbone for the first time through a complete season, and running the option for going on seven years, it's time to develop a plan for installing the particulars of the Flexbone offense.

Below is the loose framework I've got so far to construct this article. I'm leaving it all up as a post as I work on it instead of hiding it as a Draft. Watch me work!

Coach Smith



1. Flex - Alignment and spacing depending on hash, middle of field.

2. Unbalanced Flex - Alignment (mostly to Field) and spacing.

3. Nasty (Slot) - Alignment is pretty much the same no matter where we are on the field.

4. Flex RT & LF - Alignment... 1/2 Nasty and 1/2 Flex. Nuff Said.

5. Tripps - (also Gun) Alignment and spacing (mostly to Field). Save 'til last.


1. ISV vs shaded 4 front and 2 odd fronts (52 and 33 stack)
  • teach and tag the following perimeter blocking schemes:
    Base, X, Seal, Crack.
  • teach and tag the following interior blocking schemes: Veer, Loop, Load-Double option... pitch phase only. Show the O-Line and WB what it means to to "bracket" the psOLB in a 33 stack on ISV (Dive read the DT and Pitch off the Drop End.)

2. Counter Option
  • 3-4: psT bases psDT and pulling G turns up on playside 20 tech ILB
  • 4-3: psT and psG deuce or down up to MLB... pulling G turns up on ps 30 OLB.
  • (4-3) Every so often, practice the pulling G colliding with a flat DE and the QB being forced to wrap around to find another pitch read.
  • Ever so often, have the pulling G trap a penetrating playside defensive player and the QB just tucking it up underneath and getting all he can.

3. Rocket Toss

4. Play Action Pass from all formations - even tagged single or two man routes from unbalanced sets and Trips... boot from rocket as well.

**Supplemental Plays as time and personnel allow:

Midline double and triple options

Belly + Belly (double) Option

3 step game with boot

Sprint out with max protection (QB keep replaces third read in progression.)

Trap + Freeze (double) Option


Since all our prospective QBs are green, think about how we can install the system to maximize their potentia for success. Installing called dives and double options before installing triples might be best. On the other hand, some of the footwork needed for the non-triple plays might hurt QB development as it relates to the triple option.

The "Green" QB Install Plan - Spring

  1. Belly Dive. Don't reverse out. Pros - can look like ISV. Cons - FB needs ball deep... all that QB reaching back might come back to haunt us when we point-mesh ISV.
  2. Belly-Option. Pros - double option; easy to teach. Cons - its only a double option; psT & psWB have to seal DE; LBs have to bite on FB for it to work.
  3. Trapped Midline FB Dive aka Freeze. Pros - good angle blocks on trap; no read needed as with Midline - "just hand it off." Cons - gotta have guards that can trap; QB has to "find" the 3 tech.
  4. Trapped (logged, actually) Option aka Freeze Option. Pros - double option; easy to teach. Cons - it's only a double option; guards have to be able to pull and log.
  5. Midline Double. Pros - double option; easy to teach; backfield action was established with Freeze series; easier to block than Freeze. Cons - psT must maintain block on 5 tech; works better against a 4 front than a 3 front.
  6. Rocket Toss. Pros - nobody to read. Cons - none.
  7. Midline Triple. Pros - most of it is "in" already. Cons - green QB.
  8. Triple Option (Inside Veer). Pros - If you have to ask... Cons - green QB.
  9. Counter Option. Pros - great misdirection play, motion keybuster, big gainer if pitched. Cons - lots of teaching and reps needed.
  10. Play Action off Dive (Belly/ISV). Pros - takes advantage of secondary adjustments to option. Cons - don't get into 3rd and long.
  11. Sprintout. Pros - takes advantage of mobile QB... lets his "wheels" be the 3rd read in his progression. Cons - ?
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Coach Smith

Friday, January 09, 2009

2009 Carson-Newman Clinic

Word on the SplitBack Veer Association Forum (registration required) is this:

The Carson-Newman Clinic will be March 6th-8th.

More info as it becomes available.

Coach Smith