Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Short Post About Two Great Sites

I ran across another great coaching message forum today It doesn't focus on one particular aspect of the game but instead has a broad topic base. I have added it my links section along the right side of the opening page for Veersite and expect I'll be hitting it several times a week (if not several times a day!) So if I get fired for non-work related internet use, it's Coach Huey's fault!! Here's the link:

The X's and O's of Football

While I'm on the subject of great message boards that I probably spend WAY too much time on ... Coach Williams' and Coach McClatchy's excellent Rolling Thunder's Message Board has been having trouble for the past couple of days with posts getting erased. They have put up a message on the site explaining the current situation. The coaches have contacted the board hosts at and hope to have the problems under control shortly. I cannot recommend strongly enough that all option coaches check out this great resource. Rolling Thunder's board has been around for a while and I consider it to be THE #1 option message board on the net.

Coach Smith