Friday, January 28, 2011

Over a Dozen Football Players Hospitalized - Possibly Due To Supplements.. Certainly Due To Stupidity

A bunch of Iowa Hawkeyes have to be hospitalized after an "intense" workout.

Read about it here:

Lessee... pump 'em ful of creatine and literally run the piss outta them. What could possibly go wrong?

I wish I could say that this moronic behavior was an isolated instance in the coaching profession.

Hopefully after that careful "internal investigation," somebody will get handed their walking papers. It's just a frigging game.

Coach Smith

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

House Cleaning

I went through the links along the right-hand side and got rid of any dead links I found.


The Flexbone Association home page re-do looks very, very good. Nicely done and professional.

The Flexbone Message Forums went pay-to-play. I have mixed emotions concerning charging for advice, but people deserve to be compensated for time, resources and effort. I don't charge... so if the advice I give you is crap, I can say, " hey, you get what you pay for!!!"
You can easily find the forums by going to the Flexbone homepage and looking around... Great group of guys over there. I'm sure I'll join at some point in time, but for now I have some other things to tend to. Coach Jaz and Coach Cella will run good site.

Rich Kelly has started the OFS Forum (Option Football Society) over and Proboards. You have to register (a necessary evil to eliminate spam) but it's free so I'm linking to it. It has sections dealing with Split Back Veer, Flexbone, Wishbone, and Shotgun option systems. We'll see how it does... and remember, the quality of the forum reflects the quality of the coaches participating on it. I'm glad to see another board out there since Rolling Thunder faded away along with the MegaClinic's board.

I know I still owe a couple of you coaches some DVD's and I promise to come through for you... perhaps before you retire. I have my main system back up and running so I can copy DVD's again. I'll email you when they are in the mail...

That's all for now,

Coach Smith