Sunday, October 23, 2005

More Non-Football Stuff; But Cool...

I saw this over at The X's & O's of Football Forum . It's a tie-in with Google Maps that allows someone to add themselves through zip codes to a U.S. map. It's a cool way to see where the viewers of Veersite are located. Not sure how many of you will try it, but it's pretty painless and is pretty cool. But then again, I'm easily entertained!

Veersite Member Map

Coach Smith

Next Post: The Point Mesh (or No-Mesh Mesh) Explained.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Too Funny

I'm working on some new posts that are actually X's and O's... and as soon as they pass that new law where there's 30 hours in a day I'll have it licked! Until then, I'll have to get by on posting this awesome graphic... click on it to see it full sized!

BTW... I "swiped" it off The X's & O's of Football Forum ... Be sure to go check it out.

Coach Smith