Monday, September 27, 2010

Interesting Email

I read the following post at Coach Hugh Wyatt's great Double Wing site,, the other day and just had to get his permission to repost it. I particularly like Coach Wyatt's reply (shown in bold text)


*********** As a fan of Georgia Tech and Navy, I'm accustomed to reading derogatory comments about triple option-oriented offenses from fans even more clueless than me, and Tech fans in particular enjoy referring to Paul Johnson's offense as "our high school offense," primarily hoping that no one else in southern 1-A college ranks starts running it.

Anyway, I started googling around a bit for the weekend's college results. Looks like option-oriented offenses did pretty well this weekend.

Georgia Tech wins on the road;
Navy wins on the road;
Air Force loses, but pushes # 7 Oklahoma to the limit, 24-27;
Army wins;
Georgia Southern wins;
The Citadel wins;
Wofford's wingbone gets a victory; Div. 2 Brevard College wins; Div. 2 Lenoir-Rhyne wins;
Div. 2 Carson-Newman (still running the old split-back veer) wins; Div. 3 Maine Maritime wins (and "only" gets 615 total yards in the process);
Div. 3 Springfield College wins (with over 500 yards rushing);
Div. 3 Ripon College wins;
Cal junior college College of San Mateo wins;
and Shorter College from the NAIA ranks wins.

Just wanted to pass along the above, thinking you might get a kick out of it.

Dan Walker
Tallahassee, Florida

That is great. Really good research.

I don't think many opponents will take up unconventional offenses until Georgia Tech provides them cover by winning something really big, and even then I don't think too many guys at the college level will swing over, because it’s not politically popular to run the ball. And at the high school level it gets the quarterback's father on your ass, and sometimes that's all it takes to get your fired.


ps. I've said it before and I'll say it again... if you're not reading his excellent News You Can Use section, you're missing one of the great football resources on the Net!

Coach Smith