Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 6 : 47-18 Win and We're Now 3-2

Well, we had a pretty good outing. After 2 weeks to stew over a 3 point loss, we started out a little rusty but came alive after our opponent's first drive. We went 80 yards for a score on our first play on offense (off of ISV - pitch) and never really looked back after halftime. Our FB had 184 yards Friday night and one of our Wings had just over 100. The QB and other WB combined for over 100 and we were 2 of 2 passing for 11 yards (in all fairness, they counted a big gain on a swing pass as a lateral, so go figure.) I think we totaled just over 400 yards of offense and held them to 12 points until putting the little guys in. The mercy rule was in effect before the 3rd quarter was finished or our stats would be undoubtedly higher. The HC said today that we are averaging over 380 yards of offense to date... and our 2 losses were by a total of 5 points.

I think we are ready to head into Region play this week. We face a good opponent, but the HC said that he's noticed something offensively. He feels that we've stopped having to come up with things in order to move the ball and the burden has shifted to defenses to have to come up with ways to stop us.

I think he's right.

Coach Smith

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Find This Amusing

Well, here is a headline (and a PDF) from an article earlier this year wondering if Paul Johnson and the Option were going to be a good fit at Georgia Tech.

Is the Option A Real Option In Contemporary College Football?

Story Link

Now that we're into week 4 of the college season, here is another headline I saw today concerning Georgia Tech.

This Option Thing Just Might Work Out After All

Story Link

Do Ya Think??

Coach Smith

Monday, September 01, 2008

Back Again

After 2 months broke as a joke and without reliable Internet, it's nice to be back online. And although many things seemed to get in the way (including myself), I'm coaching again on a great staff for a team of great, hard working kids. We are 2-0... (32-6 week one... I think... I'm getting old! ...and our FB had 145 yards rushing) ...we won this Friday 41-22 with around 300 yards rushing and had a starting drive of 19 plays (8+ minutes in length) covering 80- some yards resulting in 7 points.

Now that's how you rest your defense and keep an all-state passing QB off the field.

Flexbone Option, Belly, and some spread gun passing are getting it done in Tennessee so far this season, so wish us luck! The scary part is that we don't have all our base running game in as of yet...

More to come soon...

Coach Smith