Monday, July 24, 2006

Attacking the Split 6 Defense

Over on Rolling Thunder's Message Board, the question was posed on how to attack the Split 6 defense. This particular defense has 3 technique defensive tackles, 7 technique defensive ends, and Inside Linbackers stacked over the 3 techniques.

I sat down and thought about this defense for a while. Below is the reply I came up with - perhaps others will comment as well.


Coach, we like to run midline at a 3 tech if possible.

also, any 44-style defense has trouble covering the flat in play action... I like a 12 yard In/Curl by the Flanker with the TE running a flat route underneath off play action off veer action...

Twins and Twins-Open might make the OLBs widen... if not, work the 3 step game... 5 yard hitches with automatic fades if the CB aligns 5 yards or closer...

Lead Option might help the LB/3 Tech stunts:

The backside Seam or Post off play action to the Te or SE can be a good call vs. a cover 3 FS that wants to be an alley player for the option...

The Crazy or Spinner Option could trap that 7 tech...

the handback trap ran to the 7 tech might not be too bad a play - seems like JT Curtis runs something like that...

Just some ideas, Coach. Ideally, you will get them out of 8 in the box by offensive alignment and run your veer... but if you can't... vs. stack defenses, I think it can help to switch over to more double options like Midline, Speed, and Lead to help account for possible gap exchanges that might mess up veer reads and blocking assignments.

Coach Smith

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm Back!

Well, It's been an eventful school year. Thank goodness its over. Every part of my life was a series of ups and downs.... (what was left of) my marriage, teaching basic mathematics (yet) again, my desire to coach, my social life... it was all a mixed bag. Its hard to get yourself back on solid ground in life when there's no "firm footing" to be found. So if you have been wondering why I've not been too enthusiastic about Veersite, well, let's just say it was part of a pattern.

Thankfully, that pattern has been broken.

Nuff Said.

I've moved and am now an assistant coach at a high school in Florida. I'm much more excited about my teaching, my coaching, and I might even have a social life again one of these days!

Well, two out of three ain't bad, according to Meatloaf.

Coach Smith

ps. I've got to give Coach Jody Hagins of Summerville, SC credit for successfully doing the "Where's Waldo" and figuring out the high school I've started working out. Coach figured it out from 3 clues... but I'm pretty sure he would have gotten it right with less. The man should be a private detective!