Monday, February 21, 2005

More Wing-T / Veer Info

I found a mirror of the old B.C. Warrior website. Interestingly, the coach submitting the Veer section has as his base formation Splitbacks with a wing. The link is below - click it and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Option from the Wing-T

Here is the main section of the B.C. Warrior mirror site. It's a little hard to find your way around in it, but each directory had an .HTM file - click on that and it will make it much easier to navigate in that section.

Thanks to CoachD86 over on Megaclinic's Option forum for the link!

Coach Smith

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Passing Game from Split Backs: Y Cross & Y Stick

A while back I posted some pass patterns under the heading, "Improving the Passing Game." Here is a closer look at one of the patterns - the Y Cross.

On our staff, the Y Cross is referred to as being from the (Hal) Mummy Package. From what I have gathered, Mummy used it well, but the play itself has been around since the early eighties and perhaps even before that. I have seen it in Homer Rice's Air Option book and I've seen it in various West Coast Offense playbooks. Sometimes it's called Y Cross and sometimes it's not.

The premise is the weak side flood. X pushes off the deep cover and then either settles underneath an overlapping safety, runs past a hesitating or slow safety, or runs an out around 15 (12 for high school??) against a cover 3 -nobody's-getting-behind-me-safety. The A back free-releases for the flat at 3-5 yards depth looking over his outside shoulder. He should be prepared to stretch the coverage to the sideline. The Y comes across at 10-15 (8-12 for high school?) and looks for an open area behind the weak side linebacker and underneath the safety or safeties. The Z aligns himself slightly tighter to the Y than normal and runs a post reading the middle of field. If it is open he continues the post, if it is covered he can break it off into a dig route if the ball hasn't been delivered. My read vs. a 3 deep would be A to Y to X and vs a 2 deep it would be A to X to Y. (But then again, I like possesion passing on first and second down! The progression on the diagram would be better for a 3rd and 10, I'm sure) The Post can be tagged if determined that it will be open. The sister to this play is the strong side flood, Y Stick. It's reads are almost the same - B to Y with the secondary coverage and personnel dictating whether the Z or the X will be third in the pass progression. Y stick is closer to a 3 step drop than a 5 step drop, however.