Thursday, October 28, 2010

Interesting Observations

The following quote is from Lou Cella, O-Line coach extraordinaire and co-owner of the great Flexbone Association site and Flexbone Forum (both of which I have been avidly following for years, btw.)

How many athletic scholarship players did Navy have on Saturday (23 Oct 2010)?
A: zero

How many athletic scholarship players did Notre Dame have on Saturday?
A: 85 on roster

What was Notre Dame's 2010 recruiting class overall rank as compared to all Division 1 schools?
A: #20 (on average)

What was the score on Saturday (I was there and for the press conference afterwards)?
A: 35-17

Oh yeah, and Army is 4-3--most likely 5-3 after Sat. afternoon (I'll be there).
How many athletic scholarships do they have?
A: 0

They (Army) start running triple option and all of the sudden they are up for their first bowl game since 1996...
I rest my case.


Food for thought.