Monday, March 10, 2008

Hunter Adams

Hunter Adams began his varsity football career at Middlesboro High School playing wide receiver his Freshman year. While you tend to grit your teeth and hold your nose when you start a freshman, this was not the case with Hunter. He was the exception. He was making circus catches from game one and wasn't afraid to run routes across the middle - and got the concussion to prove it. By his Sophomore year he was giving defensive coordinators fits as MHS's legitimate deep threat to defend -- along with the shotgun option. This past year, Hunter was switched to QB to give the running game a needed boost as Coach Roark decided to get out of the shotgun and spend more time back under center. The highlight video below is Hunter as a Junior...and is his first year as an option quarterback. I remain in contact with Coach Roark and wish him and the coaching staff all the best. I certainly know I'll miss seeing Hunter for his Senior season. I was very excited when his father, Vic, sent me the link for this video and am very proud to post it here on Veersite.

Coach Smith

MHS (yellow and black) Hunter Adams #7 (QB and rush DE or dropped in coverage)

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Coach Smith